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cine y derechos humanos

OdÓn Elorza

The San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival will be five in 2007, with new headquarters, a new challenge and new opportunity.

In a situation of hope brought about by the rebirth of freedom, justice and peace for the Basque Country, with the cease-fire declared by ETA. At a new centre: because the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, icon of local artistic, cultural, social and architectural heritage, will reopen following renovation.

With a new challenge: that of increasing the commitment and undertaking of this City Council, of this City Educating in Values, to instil in its inhabitants a Culture of peace and coexistence based among others on tolerance, solidarity, respect, diversity and social cohesion...

With a new opportunity: to make the most of this opening for peace, with the end of terrorism, and the endless possibilities offered by the new centre to meet the city target of becoming an international reference on defending, backing and promoting Human Rights in each and every one of its manifestations.

An opportunity to go further, yet from a closer stance. To go deeper. For everyone, from here or there. To add new languages to cinema and words in the shape of theatre, music, photography, dance, sculpture, new technologies... To rediscover, express and share our feelings, convictions, yearnings, denunciations in favour of a juster and in peace world.
Despite its youth, this San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, combining cinematographic and human quality, memory past and present, diversity and multiculturality, has grown in importance, widening its borders to become an efficient and attractive model of fostering awareness of Human Rights.

My sincerest congratulations to the locals for their growing and increasingly committed support, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the sponsoring institutions and organisations of international prestige which collaborate on the design and organisation of this Festival. Thank you for helping to make San Sebastian a more human city. 

 Odon Elorza