Zinea eta giza eskubideen iv. Topaketak.

Alumbramiento (2007)

A family rallies round their mother (a spectacular Mariví Bilbao) as she lies in bed wearing an oxygen mask in the moments before her death. Each member of the family has his or her own way of dealing with life and death: despite his mother’s obvious suffering, the son prefers to keep her connected to the machine and medicated, while his wife would rather end the woman’s suffering and allow her to face death “just as she faced life”.

Zuzendaritza: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
Ekoizpena: Prosopopeya Producciones
Gidoia: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
Argazkia: Juan Carlos Gómez
Musika: Pascal Gaigne
Muntaketa: Iván Aledo, Quique Domínguez
Aktoreak: Mariví Bilbao, Cristina Plazas,
Manolo Solo, Marta Berenguer, Sara Parabole
Iraupena: 15 min.
Kontaktua: Agencia Audiovisual Freak
Tf: 927 26 10 75