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Desarrollo humano

Desarrollo humano (2007)

Every year, the UN publishes a Human Development Report establishing a world ranking of countries based on an extensive list of statistical indicators. Norway is listed as the most highly developed country on the planet, while Niger is once again in last place, identified as the least developed country in the world. Although the statistical data certainly describe a certain amount of reality, it’s surprising to discover that the perception of the people interviewed regarding their own lives doesn’t exactly coincide with what you’d expect to hear on reading the Report.

Zuzendaritza: David Muñoz
Ekoizpena: Hibrida
Gidoia: David Muñoz
Animazioa: Juanjo Cuerda
Argazkia: David Muñoz
Muntaketa: David Muñoz, Alicia Medina
Iraupena: 29 min.
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