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Poverty is particularly harsh on women. One example of this is that the vast majority of the million people who find themselves trapped each year in Asia’s web of organised prostitution are women and girls.

In many countries, prostitutes are particularly liable to contract AIDS due to the unlikelihood of their accessing prevention services. Only 16% of these women can take steps to protect themselves against the virus, meaning contagion rates among this group stand at around 60-90%.

Cambodia is one of the Asian countries to suffer most from the traffic in humans and prostitution. Foreign countries are “sold” the “3 S” line: Sun, Sex and Sand. Thirty years of civil war and financial difficulties have led a multitude of girls into the world of prostitution, in a country where until recently a hundred people were becoming HIV-positive every day. The efforts made to combat the virus, plus the use of condoms, has increased by 80% in recent years, bringing an important drop in AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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