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DEEP BLUE (2003)

“Before over a quarter of a million blue whales swam the seas, but today only a few hundred are left. Until now we’ve only skimmed the surface...”. A surprising voyage to the bottom of the sea from the makers of the recent Earth (2007). Deep Blue is a groundbreaking film bringing unique footage of the ocean world collected over several years of shooting. One of the most unusual and all-round projects ever made in the field of documentary cinema, the film takes spectators into the beauty of the seas on a journey leading from the most superficial coral reefs to the exiguous coasts of the Antarctic and from the vast extensions of the open sea to the deepest ocean abysses. In the words of its director, Alastair Fothergill: “We take the spectator to a world never seen before, which I sincerely believe houses the last frontier of our planet”.

Britainia Handia-Alemania
Zuzendaritza: Alastair Fothergill, Andy Byatt
Ekoizpena: Alix Tidmarsh, Sophokles Tasioulis / BBC Wordlwide, Greenlight Media
Gidoia: Alastair Fothergill, Andy Byatt
Argazkia: Doug Allan, Peter Scoones, Rick Rosenthal
Musika: George Fenton
Muntaketa: Martin Elsbury
Iraupena: 90 min.
Kontaktua: Wanda Visión
Tf.: 91 351 72 83