Zinea eta giza eskubideen iv. Topaketak.

COLINAS CIEGAS (IMang shan, 2007)

In the early 90s, young student Bai Xuemei is kidnapped and sold as a wife to a farmer in the remote mountains of northern China. Continuously raped and ill-treated under the acquiescent eyes of the entire community, for whom buying women is commonplace, her repeated attempts at escape fail sadly. She lives and works alongside her husband and his parents, who would like to see the girl fall pregnant as soon as possible and give birth to a boy to continue the family line. Brutal portrayal of a reality still regularly occurring in 21st century China from the director of Mang jing / Blind Shaft (2003).

Zuzendaritza: Li Yang
Ekoizpena: Li Yang / Tang Splendour Films
Gidoia: Li Yang
Argazkia: Jong Lin
Muntaketa: Li Yang, Mary Stephen
Aktoreak: Huang Lu, Yang Youan, Zhang Yuling, He Yunle, Jia Yinggao
Iraupena: 97 min.
Kontaktua: Baditri
Tf: 93 201 04 67