Zinea eta giza eskubideen iv. Topaketak.


According to figures published by the UN, each year four million women and two million children throughout the world fall victim to the traffic in human beings. The objective of trading and trafficking in human beings is generally exploitation: the abusive use, generally for financial reasons, of other people.

Prostitution, forced labour, slavery or organ theft are some of the forms used. The exploitation of women has also become a growing phenomenon in the hands of organised crime. It is calculated that in the coming years it will become the major mafia business due to the fact that it brings in more money than drugs.

Certain bodies fighting for the eradication of this form of extortion consider that, to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation, the first thing to be done is to abolish prostitution the whole world over.

Giza Eskubideen Aldarrikapena

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