Zinea eta giza eskubideen iv. Topaketak.

WAR / DANCE (2007)

In the last 20 years, the rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have kidnapped countless girls and boys in northern Uganda to turn them into soldiers and sex slaves. Many of these youngsters seek refuge at Patongo camp, where they are taught music and dance. Now, for the first time, Patongo school has been selected to participate in the National Music Competition held in country’s capital, Kampala. For the girls and boys who live there, deprived by the war of their homes, of their parents, and of their childhood, the
competition is a real challenge. They practice enthusiastically for an event that could mark their lives.

Estatu Batuak
Zuzendaritza: Sean Fine, Andrea Nix Fine
Ekoizpena: Albie Hecht / Fine Films, Rogues Harbor Studios, Shine Global, THINKFilm, Rhino Films, Nickelodeon Film and TV Entertainment
Argazkia: Sean Fine
Musika: Asche & Spencer
Muntaketa: Jeff Consiglio
Iraupena: 105 min.
Kontaktua: Fine Films
Tf: 1 301 718 51 34


  • Nominada al Oscar 2007 al Mejor Documental
  • Festival de Sundance (2007): Mejor Dirección (Documental)
  • Festival de Cine Documental de Chicago (2007): Mejor Fotografía
  • Festival de Filadelfia (2007): Premio a la Mejor Dirección
  • Festival de Wisconsin (2007): Premio del Público al Mejor Documental
  • Festival de Salem (2007): Premio Especial del Jurado
  • Festival de Traverse City de Michael Moore (2007): Mejor Película de No Ficción
  • Hot Docs International Documentary Festival (2007): Premio del Público


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