Zinea eta giza eskubideen iv. Topaketak.


The last five years have seen a significant change in radical right-wing movements: the veterans have disappeared and have been replaced by new ideologists emerging strongly throughout Europe and North America. They don’t have to shave their heads. They’ve created businesses, distributors, magazines, publishing houses, websites... and they’ve done away with the old symbols for newer versions. New technologies have also contributed to bringing their ideas to wider audiences. In this context, neo-Nazi ideology has gained new ground and found excellent soil for its growth. Sixty years after World War II, the USA has become the world’s main stronghold of Nazism. With White Terror Daniel Schweizer closes his trilogy –the first two of which are Skin or Die (1998) and Skinhead Attitude (2003)– on skinheads, hatred and racism.

Zuzendaritza: Daniel Schweizer
Ekoizpena: Samir, Matthieu Belghiti / Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, Little Bear Production, Cameo Film, Making Movies, Horizon Films
Gidoia: Daniel Schweizer
Argazkia: Piotr Jaxa, Johannes Imdahl,
Musika: Tapani Rinne
Muntaketa: Kathrin Plüss
Iraupena: 90 min.
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