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EL PEQUEÑO SALVAJE (L’enfant sauvage, 1970)

A group of hunters in late 18th-century France discover and capture a child of around 12 years old who appears to have grown up in the forest like an animal. They send him to a school for the deaf and dumb in Paris, where he is ill-treated and poorly cared for, shoved to one side like a simple object of scientific curiosity. That is, until Doctor Itard (played by the director) takes an interest in the boy and patiently tries to civilize him single-handed... One of François Truffaut’s best known films, based on the true case of the child known as “l’enfant sauvage de l’Aveyron” and on the writings of the selfsame Doctor Jean Itard, who spent years educating the youngster.

Zuzendaritza: François Truffaut
Ekoizpena: Les Films du Carosse, Les Artistes Associés
Gidoia: François Truffaut, Jean Gruault
Argazkia: Néstor Almendros
Muntaketa: Agnès Guillemot, Yann Dedet
Aktoreak: Jean-Pierre Cargol, François Truffaut, Françoise Seigner, Jean Dasté, Annie Miller
Iraupena: 83 min.
Kontaktua: Cooper Films
Tf.: 93 213 03 13