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Chagos ou la mémoire des îles


Chagos ou la memoire des iles

They only have one dream: to return to their islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Forty years after they were secretly deported by the US and British governments so that they could build a military base there, their dream comes true. However, given that the base, standing on the main atoll of the Chagos archipelago, Diego García, is one of the biggest held by America outside its country, they are only authorised to visit each island for a single day.

But it’s obvious that this visit is only the start of their demands. They hope to go back and live there, the home from which they were expelled four long decades ago.

Año: 2010
Origen: Francia, Australia
Dirección: Michel Daëron
Producción: Filao Films
Guión: Michel Daëron
Fotografía: Mahen Bujun
Montaje: Eva Feigeles
Duración: 87 min.
Contacto: Filao Films
Teléfono: 33 1 42 72 90 43

FIPA (Biarritz) (2011): FIPA de Oro al Mejor Documental (Categoría “Grandes reportajes”) / Premio del Jurado de Jóvenes Europeos