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Las joyas de la calle / Schmuck der strasse


Fifty Dead Men Walking

They’d give anything to be the most beautiful girls in the city. Eva, Kelly and many other Latin American transsexuals work in Schmuckstrasse (“the street of jewels”), in the heart of Hamburg’s colourful St. Pauli district. They are immigrants there and life isn’t easy for them. At home they dream of a better life, of having an operation to feel like the women they really are. In the streets they work as prostitutes in an attempt to get the money they need to do it.

The Catalan director Rosa Baches, a long-standing resident in Germany, makes her directorial debut with this work.

Año: 2010
Origen: Alemania
Dirección: Rosa Baches
Co-Director: Dirk Manthey
Producción: Dirk Manthey / Dirk Manthey Film, Chroma Film & TV, Nächster Halt Filmproduktion
Guión: Rosa Baches, Oliver Eckert, Dirk Manthey
Fotografía: Oliver Eckert
Música: Andrew Krell
Montaje: Michelle Barbin, Doreen Buchholz, Rosa Baches
Duración: 74 min.
Contacto: Dirk Manthey Film
Tfno: 49 40 22 62 95 78