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In Italy, for the last 30 years, image has been controlled by a single man. The president and tycoon Silvio Berlusconi has wielded an influence over the country’s commercial television never seen before in Italy. Its channels, with its skimpily-clad young girls, are seen by many as a mirror of his own taste and personality. In this documentary, the Italian Erik Gandini portrays the consequences of the television experiment suffered by this trans-alpine country in the last three decades, worming its way into the most powerful media spheres in the nation. An unusual tale born from the terrifying reality of Italy’s “TV-republic”.

Año: 2009
Origen: Suecia, Dinamarca, Reino Unido, Finlandia
Dirección: Erik Gandini
Ayudante de dirección: Iacopo Patierno
Producción: Erik Gandini, Kristina Åberg, Mikael Olsen, Axel Arnö, Ann-Louice Dahlgren / ATMO, Zentropa Entertainment 7, SVT Swedish Television
Guión: Erik Gandini
Fotografía: Manuel Alberto Claro, Lukas Eisenhauer
Montaje: Johan Söderberg
Duración: 85 min.
Contacto: Swedish Film Institute
Teléfono: 46 8 665 11 41

Festival de Toronto (2009): Mejor Documental