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Which way home


Which way home

While the USA continues to work on a barrier separating it from Mexico, Which Way Home looks at the more personal side of immigration through the eyes of children. Armed with determination and great courage, they fend off serious dangers as they struggle to reach the USA. The film traces unaccompanied children on their journey through Mexico towards the “Promised Land” in a freight train nicknamed “The Beast”. We follow children like Olga and Freddy, nine year-old Hondurans desperately trying to reach their parents in Minnesota. Or Jose, a ten year-old El Salvadoran abandoned by smugglers who ends up in a Mexican detention centre. Or like Kenny, another 14 year-old Honduran whose mother prays that he will get to New York and start sending money home to her. These are tales of hope and bravery, deception and sadness. Their heroes are the “invisible” people we never hear anything about.

Año: 2010
Origen: Estados Unidos
Dirección: Rebecca Cammisa
Producción: Rebecca Cammisa, Lianne Halfon, John Malkovich, Russell Smith, Jack Tuner, Bristol Baughan, Bette Cerf Hill, Sheila Nevins / Mr. Mudd, Documentress Films
Fotografía: Lorenzo Hagerman, Eric Goethals
Música: James Lavino
Música adicional: Alberto Iglesias
Montaje: Pax Wassermann, Madeleine Gavin
Duración: 83 min.
Contacto: Mr. Mudd
Teléfono: 1 323 932 56 56

Oscar (2010): Nominado como Mejor Documental
Independent Spirit Awards (2019): Nominado como Mejor Documental
Emmy (2010): Premio al Mejor Documental de Información
Gran Premio de Periodismo Robert F. Kennedy