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Amnesty International Award

“Since 1961, now present in over 150 countries, we at Amnesty International have been working in favour of people and with people the world over in the endeavour to ensure that the entire population can enjoy all of the human rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Amnesty International goes about its work with absolute economic and political independence. Our organisation renounces government subsidies and donations from political parties with a view to preserving our impartiality and freedom of action.

We have therefore decided to back the San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival as a platform denouncing the failure to fulfil and disseminate these rights. This backing takes the shape of an award (a sculpture donated by Néstor Basterretxea) going to a winner decided by a jury consisting of members of Amnesty International and professionals from the audiovisual industry”.

Logo amnistía internacional

Fotograma de Nostalgia de la luz.

Amnesty International Award (2011)