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Amaren ideia

amaren ideia

Lucía, José and Alfredo, all over 80, are linked by an event that marked their lives forever: the Civil War and its fighting led to them being sent abroad when they no more than children. They were forever separated from their parents and never came back to reside in the country of their birth. All three have lived their lives in Mexico, a nation they now consider their home.

Each one has dealt with this forced exile in a very different way, depending on their character and experiences in life. Seventy-one years after their departure, they return to the Basque Country for a last meeting with the things they left behind. Perhaps at last the wound inflicted in 1937 can heal.

Año: 2010
Origen: España, México
Dirección: Maider Oleaga
Producción: Bernardo Jasso, Iurre Tellería / Moztu Filmak, La Maroma Producciones
Guión: Maider Oleaga
Fotografía: Bernardo Jasso, Omar García
Música: Iñaki Salvador
Montaje: Enara Goikoetxea, Maider Oleaga
Duración: 80 min.
Contacto: Moztu Filmak
Teléfono: 943 22 48 68

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards (2010): Delfín de Oro (Categoría Documental Etnográfico & Sociológico)