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Hold om mig / Hold me tight

11 year-old Leire has had enough of the way a bunch of kids bully the boys and girls at school. One afternoon Ángel and his three nastiest sidekicks attack and humilliate Ainara to the point that she leaves school, tired of the same thing happening time and again. Leire creates a secret group with Sandra and a new, rather peculiar friend, named Leo, calling themselves The Retaliators. They plan their action carefully, turning the tables on the aggressors and sending them off with their tails between their legs. With the help of Leo, who comes from a family of scientists, the original, amusing threesome devises all sorts of inventions, gradually working their way through the biggest troublemakers until coming to Ángel, their ringleader.

Año: 2010
Origen: España
Dirección: Arantza Ibarra, Alfonso Arandia
Producción: José María Lara, Denés Szekere / Alokatu
Guión: Arantza Ibarra
Fotografía: Gaizka Bourgeaud
Música: Javier Vicente
Montaje: Julia Juaniz
Actores: Amaia Aberasturi, Andoni Delavigne-Robles, Estibaliz Sarasola, Martin Gandiaga, Peio Madariaga
Duración: 85 min.
Contacto: Alokatu