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The struggle of indian women for their rights

According to figures released by the Indian administration, of the approximately 1,100 million people who inhabit the country, and based on the demographic men/women ratio, some 50 million women are “missing”. One of the reasons for this “lack” of women is the discrimination they suffer throughout their lives: from sex-selective abortions and gender murders to dowry murders and the forced suicide of widows.…

India is a country not only hierarchically structured into castes, but also into sexes, where patriarchy is deep rooted in the minds of men and women, making it extremely difficult to fight. However, different groups of women refuse to accept the situation as it stands and struggle to end the injustice. They demand their most basic rights in the family (their own and that of their in-laws); they demonstrate in the street every time they suspect that a woman has been murdered; they participate in national and international networks; and they try to influence politics and the mass media... One sign of Indian women’s empowerment is that, in 2007, Pratibha Devisingh Patil was sworn in as the first woman president in the history of the country.