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The mass media and political interests

Freedom of expression is a right recognised by all European constitutions. However, exercising this right is repeatedly fettered by the structures of power in each country.

All too often the mass media are manipulated and governed by a small nucleus of business groups who create or bend them to serve their particular political interests.

In addition to trying to dupe citizens for the purposes of political gain and economic power, the contents and formats of various TV networks strive to divert the attention of the great “audience” towards frivolous programmes that offer absolutely no educational, informative of cultural content. This is their way of concealing information on important subjects and political decisions directly affecting human rights or welfare in general.

News programmes therefore trundle out information packed with trivialities, crimes and football, while the remainder of the programme feeds on reality shows, gossip slots and alienating, banal viewing matter proffered by an idiot box shunning analysis, criticism and social commitment.