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Repression of the gypsy people

The Gypsy or Roma people form the biggest ethnic minority on the European continent. Ever since their arrival in the 15th Century, they have born the brunt of stigmatisation meted out by the majority of society whether because of their culture, race, different language or nomadic lifestyle.

Nazism and World War II were particularly bloody for this group. Although it is difficult to make an exact calculation, it is estimated that between 25-50% of the Gypsy population was murdered from 1939 to 1945. Of the approximately one million Roma people who lived in Europe, some 220,000 were killed in the Holocaust and the wars.

Today, despite integration policies, the Gypsy people continue to suffer discrimination and repression. One obvious example of this is the mass expulsion of people belonging to the Gypsy race from France in 2010