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Arab revolts

The social uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya that took the world by surprise in early 2011, toppling two dictators responsible for decades of tyrannical rule and shaking the structures of power in North Africa, had in fact been coming to the boil for years. The economic crisis, enormous social differences, repression, poverty... all led civil society to organise itself and take to the streets in the demand for more freedom, more jobs, de facto democracy, the end of corruption and impunity...

This situation, together with the emergence of social networks, wider access to the Internet and new technologies and the empowerment of young people, led to what has been labelled as the “Arab democratic revolutions.” A popular movement which has shown that, far from a “clash of civilizations” between the Arab and western worlds, both are capable of fighting to defend their rights and their dignity against the oppression created by world economic, political and strategic interests.