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Latent violence

When a country gains freedom from colonisation, when one political regime is replaced by another, in principle, democratic, or when a situation of conflict comes to an end, the structural or underlying problems responsible for the violence don’t always disappear with them.

Thus, if, once over a dictatorship or free from colonial fetters, no true national reconciliation has occurred and important social inequalities continue to exist, meaning that a privileged minority holds the political and economic reins and blocks the human development of the majority, violence will remain latent, ready to break out again at the slightest opportunity.

The desire for vengeance may particularly rekindle among the most disadvantaged social classes, who have suffered violent episodes in the past and whose pain has never been recognised, or repaired. It is therefore necessary for those who gained benefit from the conflict to empathise with those who did not and for them to work together in trying to recover a life of peace and coexistence.