“Rebellion”, by Mathieu Kassovitz, to open the 10th Human Rights Film Festival on April 20

L'ordre et la morale

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Spanish premiere of the French film Rebellion (2011), by the actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz, will open the 10th San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre on Friday, April 20.

At the Festival there will be screened around thirty feature and short films competing for the event's 3 awards: Audience Award for Best Feature Film, Youth Jury Award for Best Short Film and the Amnesty International Award for Best Feature Film.

Like every year, a variety of exhibitions will round off the Festival programme. Two of these –Missing (Gervasio Sánchez) and Schools from Other Worlds (Kim Manresa)– are now open.

REBELLION (L'ordre et la morale, 2011). Mathieu Kassovitz. France

April 1988. Ouvea Island, New Caledonia. Thirty French policemen are held hostage by a group of Kanak freedom fighters after having killed four of their comrades during a raid on their headquarters. Three hundred soldiers are sent from France to restore order. One of them, chief of the French SWAT team, Philippe Legorjus, and Alphonse Dianou, leader of the rebel group, meet to try and negotiate a verbal agreement.


30 AÑOS DE OSCURIDAD (2011). Manuel H. Martín. Spain

Following the Civil War, Manuel Cortés, former mayor of Mijas in Malaga province, had no opportunity to flee Spain. Making his long and perilous way home, he finally got there in the darkness of the night without having been caught. His wife, Juliana, told him about the shootings taking place in the village. They decided to make a small hole in the wall as a hideaway. Manuel Cortés never even imagined that that little space behind the wall would become his own particular prison for 30 years.


CAMERA OBSCURA (2011). Maru Solores. Spain-Germany

Ane, 13, has lost her sight. While her parents are busy trying to have her operated on time and again, she has entered puberty and is starting to ask herself questions. What does it mean to be attractive? Could someone fancy me? While on holiday at the family's seaside home, they suddenly receive a visit from her Uncle Antonio, a photographer who has travelled the world and blows in like a breath of fresh air.


THIS IS NOT A FILM (2011). Jafar Panahi, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb. Iran

The Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi calls his former collaborator, the documentary filmmaker Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, and suggests that they make a non-movie, since Panahi has been forbidden to film because of his "propaganda against the Islamic Republic". He is under house arrest, waiting for a sentence that will finally ban him from making films for the next 20 years.


GAZTA ZATI BAT / A PIECE OF CHEESE (2012). Jon Maia. Spain

The story starts in a small Basque village famous the world over for its cheese. Its inhabitants put aside the differences created by the last armed conflict in Europe to pursue a mission: to be able to decide what to be in the world. Thanks to the adventure, they witness the historical events occurring in two nations as they hit the European headlines: Scotland and the Basque Country.


THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO (Les neiges du Kilimandjaro, 2011). Robert Guédiguian. France

Despite having lost his job, Michel lives happily with Marie-Claire. The two have been in love for 30 years... Their children and grandchildren fill them with joy. They are proud of their trade union and political struggles... But their happiness is shattered like their window shutters when two armed men in masks break in, brutally beat them, tie them up, rip off their wedding rings and make off with their credit cards.


MONSIEUR LAZHAR (2011). Philippe Falardeau. Canada

In Montreal, Bachir Lazhar, a 55 year-old Algerian immigrant, is hired to replace a primary school teacher who has died in tragic circumstances. His new pupils are still struggling to deal with her death, meaning that Lazhar's charm and particular teaching methods are essential if they are to make it through the year.

GIVE UP TOMORROW (2011). Michael Collins. USA

As a tropical storm batters Cebu Island (in the Philippine archipelago), two sisters disappear on their way home. That same night, in Manila (located on another island more than 300 kilometres away), 19 year-old Paco Larrañaga is at a party, surrounded by dozens of witnesses. He will be accused of raping and murdering the two women along with another six men.

VOL SPÉCIAL (2011). Fernand Melgar. Switzerland

Following La forteresse (2008), where he portrayed the living conditions of recently arrived asylum seekers in Switzerland, here Fernand Melgar looks at the end of the road for many immigrants. Awaiting their final expulsion from the country, several men are still held at the Frambois administration detention centre. Their asylum claims have been rejected and they are to be sent home.

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