REBELLION (L'ordre et la morale, 2011)


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Friday, 20 April 2012 / 19:00

4 € (Tickets)

The power of dialogue in managing conflicts


France. Direction: Mathieu Kassovitz. Production: Christophe Rossignon, Philip Boëffard / Nord-Ouest Films, UGC Images, Studio 37, France 2 Cinéma. Screenplay: Mathieu Kassovitz, Pierre Geller, Benoît Jaubert, Serge Frydman. Photography: Marc Koninckx. Music: Klaus Badelt. Edition: Mathieu Kassovitz, Thomas Beard, Lionel Devuyst. Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Iabe Lapacas, Malik Zidi, Alexandre Steiger, Daniel Martin. Running time: 136 min

LANGUAGE: French / SUBTITLES: Spanish, English

April 1988. Ouvea Island, New Caledonia. Thirty French policemen are held hostage by a group of Kanak freedom fighters after having killed four of their comrades during a raid on their headquarters. Three hundred soldiers are sent from France to restore order. One of them, chief of the French SWAT team, Philippe Legorjus, and Alphonse Dianou, leader of the rebel group, meet to try and negotiate a verbal agreement. But in the middle of the French presidential elections, order is not always dictated by morality. “The truth hurts. Lies kill”.

A recent violent colonial conflict brought to us by the actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz, responsible for films like Hate (1995), Assassin(s) (1997), The Crimson Rivers (2000) and Babylon A. D. (2008).

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