A Piece of Cheese

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Saturday, 21 April 2012 / 19:00

4 € (Tickets)

The Basque Country and the right to decide

Basque Country. Direction: Jon Maia. Production: Nazioen Mundua, Pixel Producciones Audiovisuales. Screenplay: Jon Maia. Photography: Juantxo Sardon. Music: Xabier Solano, Zigor Lanpre. Edition: Eriz Zapirain.Running time: 99 min

LANGUAGE: Basque, Spanish, English / SUBTITLES: Spanish, Basque, English

The story starts in a small Basque village famous the world over for its cheese. Its inhabitants put aside the differences created by the last armed conflict in Europe to pursue a mission: to be able to decide what to be in the world. Thanks to the adventure, they witness the historical events occurring in two nations as they hit the European headlines: Scotland and the Basque Country. A big story written in small letters. A documentary of the new era that turns our eyes towards the future.

Talk: Jon Maia (director), Angel Oiarbide (Nazioen Mundua), Xavier Solano (SNP political advisor)

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