The Eyes of War

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Sunday, 22 April 2012 / 19:00

4 €

Information: Right or commodity?

Spain. Direction: Roberto Lozano Bruna. Production: Roberto Lozano Bruna / Cesna Producciones. Screenplay: Roberto Lozano Bruna. Photography: Roberto Fraile. Music: Sergio de la Puente. Edition: Antonio Gómez Escalonilla. Running time: 97 min

LANGUAGE: Spanish / SUBTITLES: English

The Eyes of War is a direct appeal to the defence of human rights and the reporting of their violation through the lives, the eyes and the testimonies of war reporters, who, going deeper into the conflict of man and its consequences, analyse and question the human condition.

A starting point: The Disasters of War, the prints by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, considered to be the first Spanish war reporter. Five reporters in the field: David Beriain, Sergio Caro, Hernán Zin, Mikel Ayestaran and Gervasio Sánchez. Four countries in conflict: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Irak and Bosnia. Four objectives: To show the war from the front line. To depict the victims and consequences of war. To take a close look at the way the international press works. To condemn the violation of human rights.

Talk: Roberto Lozano Bruna (director) / Mikel Ayestaran (journalist) / Roberto Fraile (camera)

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