La mirada perdida (2011)

La mirada perdida

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 / 19:00

4 € (Tickets)

SHORT FILM / Screened with the film 30 YEARS OF DARKNESS

Argentina. Direction: Damián Dionisio. Production: Damián Dionisio. Screenplay: Damián Dionisio. Photography: Lucas Tímerman. Music: Guido Mastrangelo. Edition: Carlos Capurro. Cast: Javier Díaz Santacruz, Gabriela Pastor, Omar Sucari. Running time: 11 min

LANGUAGE: Spanish / SUBTITLES: English

In 1976, Claudio’s political ideals force him to go into hiding with his family. One day their temporary home is discovered. With no time to escape, Claudio desperately sets about trying to protect his family. His wife, Teresa, concerned over what their daughter may witness, decides to distance her as much as possible from the horror she is about to experience.

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