WILAYA (2011)


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Friday, 27 April 2012 / 20:00

4 € (Tickets)

Sahrawi women and new generations


Spain. Direction: Pedro Pérez-Rosado. Production: José María Morales / Wanda Visión, Pérez-Rosado Producciones. Screenplay: Pedro Pérez-Rosado. Photography: Óscar Durán. Music: Aziza Brahim. Edition: Iván Aledo. Cast: Nadhira Mohamed, Memona Mohamed, Aziza Brahim, Ainina Sidagmet, Mohamed Moulud.Running time: 88 min

LANGUAGE: Spanish, Arabic / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Fatimetu returns to the wilaya of Smara for her mother’s funeral after 16 years in Spain. There she meets her siblings, Jatri, whose wife is expecting her first child, and Hayat, her sister. Jatri tells her she has inherited the family haima tent and the duty to care for her ailing sister. Fatimetu reluctantly accepts her mother’s last wishes and struggles to adapt to her new situation. She buys a second-hand jeep with her savings and becomes the first woman in the wilaya to work as a driver; Hayat will be her guide and companion as they distribute food together.

Wilaya is the tale of two sisters reunited after 16 years apart in very different cultures who must adapt if they are to survive and discover their own identities.

Latest work by the Valencian filmmaker Pedro Pérez-Rosado, helmer of titles including The Ashes of the Volcano (2000), Stories from the Saharawi War (2004) and Salt Water (2006).


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