Sexual abuse and violence against children

Today, accepting the sexual abuse of children as a social problem remains an unmet challenge; this kind of abuse must first of all be recognised as existing beyond isolated cases and the necessary commitments accordingly adopted.

As proven by various studies carried out in Spain and other EU countries, the USA and Canada, 23-25% of girls and 10-15% of boys suffer sexual abuse before reaching the age of 17. This is denounced by different organisations dedicated to raising awareness and preventing this violation of integrity, freedom and dignity that affects people at the most fragile and vulnerable stage of their lives.

The same organisations issue alerts on the persistent denial of these violations and the lack of social and institutional commitment to guaranteeing specific policies to prevent abuse in the home, school and health care, services to support and protect children, and legal reforms. Overcoming the social taboo of sexual issues seems to be the hard nut of society’s acceptance of this problem, but it is a necessary step in solving it.

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