Right to a full sexual life and disability

The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), an organisation founded in Rome in 1978, groups different bodies linked to sexology across the world and organises international congresses every two years. The latest, held in Glasgow in June 2011, commemorated its twentieth edition with the theme “Forging the future – Sexual Health for the 21st Century”.

The congresses gather people from the worlds of medicine, research, education, politics, activists and sex workers whose mutually complementary work is related to sexual health. The participants exchange experiences and knowledge on different aspects of sexuality: clinical, psychological, behavioural, social and cultural. They join forces to address strategies of action for meeting the urgent need to guarantee the health and sexual rights of all people, without exception, including those affected by some kind of physical or psychological difficulty.

It is common to come across families and workers who care for people with functional diversity (disability) and find it difficult to fulfil their right to a full sexual life. For many of these people, sex professionals bring enormous well-being on assuming the multiple functions of educator, therapist and occasional lover.

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