Rights of the blind

The teenage years are essential in building personality. Added to the changes and challenges occurring at this time of life, young blind people also have to deal with the difficulties of their physical dysfunction and the fewer opportunities available to them in exercising their right to full and autonomous personal development.

As stipulated in the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities approved by the UN in 2006, the states parties have the obligation to promote, protect and ensure the rights of this group. A mandate which is still not fully complied with today.

If we add to this infringement of rights super-protective lifestyles both in the family and school environments, the result is the generation of greater dependency in the blind and a reduction in their ability to move freely, thus conditioning relations peer-to-peer and affecting their opportunity to meet other people. All of this can cause isolation and a feeling of incapacity or inferiority; effects which, far from benefitting the person, tend to have a negative impact on their choice of life project.

Film: Camera obscura

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