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Hoy no se hace pastel de Chucho (2011)

Hoy no se hace pastel de chuchoVenezuela. Direction: Braulio Rodríguez. Production: Braulio Rodríguez, Tuki Jencquel / Hekura Films. Screenplay: Braulio Rodríguez, Guillermo Paz. Music: Alonso Toro. Running time: 5 min. Contact: Hekura Films /

In the contaminated waters of a Caribbean Island, Felix the fisherman catches a stingray called Chucho. But Chucho gets away and an intense hunt ensues.

Orange ô désespoir (2011)

orange ô désespoirFrance. Direction: John Banana. Production: John Banana / Digital Banana Studio. Screenplay: John Banana. Music: Anthon Wellsjö. Running time: 3 min. Contact: Digital Banana Studio /

What happens when a little depressed orange decides to leave its box and ends up next door with a bunch of jolly dancing pineapples?

Malutatxo (Floquet de neu, 2011)

The right to be different

malutatxoSpain. Direction: Andrés G. Schaer. Production: Julio Fernández, Jordi Roigé, Gemma Larrègola / Filmax, Muf Animation, Utopia Global. Screenplay: Amèlia Mora, Albert Val. Photography: Sergi Bartrolí. Music: Zacarías M. de la Riva. Edition: Álex de Molina. Cast: Pere Ponce, Elsa Pataky, Clàudia Abate, Joan Sullà, Rosa Boladeras. Running time: 90 min. Contact: Barton Films / Tf.: 94 424 05 59 / /

Malutatxo, the world’s only white gorilla, arrives at Barcelona Zoo. While his colour draws looks and applause from the visitors, it also earns him the rejection of his fellow gorillas, who refuse to accept him as one of their own. When Malutatxo finds out that the famous Witch of the North is making her way through the city, he sets out to find her in the hope of getting a potion to make him black like any other ordinary gorilla. What Malutatxo doesn’t know is that the evil jinx Luc de Sac plans to catch him no matter what the cost, because only the heart of a white gorilla can bring an end to his bad luck. But Malutatxo isn’t alone against the enemy: the red panda Ailur and little Paula will be his inseparable friends in this fantastic adventure.

Aita, zonbia naiz (2011)

The right to be different

aita, zonbia naizSpain. Direction: Ricardo Ramón, Joan Espinach. Production: Joxe Portela, Beñat Beitia / Abra Prod, Dygital Dreams Films. Screenplay: Daniel Torres. Music: Manel Gil Inglada. Edition: Iván Aledo. Running time: 80 min. Contact: Barton Films / Tf.: 94 424 05 59 / /

Five years after her parents’ traumatic divorce, Dixie has turned into a surly teenager whose only wish is to escape the hateful world she lives in. At school she’s laughed at for being shy and dressing like a Goth; even her best friend wants nothing to do with her. Dixie’s dad takes his daughter to the fair in an attempt to cheer her up, but Dixie has had enough and she flies off the handle. Wanting to die, the young girl runs through the woods in a storm. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hits a tree and it crashes down on top of her. On wakening, she realises she’s been buried in the cemetery and is now... a zombie! The young girl soon discovers that life among the living dead isn’t much better. Luckily, or maybe not, there’s a way to stop being a zombie and go back to her life as a mortal.

No tengas miedo (2011)

Sexual abuse in childhood and the construction of identity in adolescence

no tengas miedoSpain. Direction: Montxo Armendariz. Production: Puy Oria / Oria Films. Screenplay: Montxo Armendariz. Photography: Álex Catalán. Music: Manel Gil Inglada. Edition: Fernando Franco. Cast: Michelle Jenner, Lluís Homar, Belén Rueda, Nuria Gago, Rubén Ochandiano. Running time: 90 min. Contact: Alta Films / Tf.: 91 542 27 02 / info@ /

Silvia is a young girl marked by a dark childhood. Barely 25 years old, she decides to rebuild her life and confront the people, feelings and emotions that keep her tied to the past. In the struggle to shake off her torment, she finds herself, learns to control her fears and turn into an adult woman capable of controlling her acts.

Latest work from the veteran filmmaker from Navarre, Montxo Armendáriz, director of titles including 27 hours (1986), Secrets of the Heart (1997), Broken Silence (2001) and Obaba (2005). In his own words: “A film about determination to confront a traumatic fate; on the desire to construct one’s own future; on the need to reflect on screen a dark reality that our society is determined to ignore”.

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