Feature films

30 años de oscuridad Manuel H. Martín. Spain. 85 min. 2011

Topic: “Moles”: In hiding from repression under franco

Camera obscura Maru Solores. Spain-Germany. 90 min. 2011

Topic: Rights of the blind

Circumstance Maryam Keshavarz. USA-Iran-France-Libanon. 105 min. 2011

Topic: Lesbianism and sexual repression in Iran

This Is Not a Film Jafar Panahi, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb. Iran. 75 min. 2011

Topic: Cinema and freedom of expression

The Eyes of War Roberto Lozano Bruna. Spain. 97 min. 2011

Topic: Information: Right or commodity?

Give Up Tomorrow Michael Collins. USA. 95 min. 2011

Topic: Killing in the name of justice

Michael Markus Schleinzer. Austria. 96 min. 2011

Topic: Sexual abuse and violence against children

Monsieur Lazhar Philippe Falardeau. Canada. 94 min. 2011

Topic: Education, minorised languages and identity

Scarlet Road Catherine Scott. Australia. 70 min. 2011

Topic: Right to a full sexual life and functional diversity

Vol spécial Fernand Melgar. Switzerland. 103 min. 2011

Topic: Asylum law and migration control

Ziztadak / Tábanos (out of competition) Oriol Andrés, Carlos Castro, Gemma García. Spain. 52 min. 2012

Topic: Non-violent activism in the Basque Country

Wilaya (out of competition) Pedro Pérez-Rosado. Spain. 88 min. 2011

Topic: Sahrawi women and new generations

Even the Rain (out of competition) Iciar Bollain. Spain-France-Mexico. 90 min. 2010

Topic: Privatisation of the human right to water


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