NIGHT OF SILENCE (Lal gece, 2012)

Night of Silence

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

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Saturday, 20 April 2013 / 16:30

4,10 € (Tickets)

Forced child marriages

Turkey. Direction: Reis Çelik. Production: Anil Çelik, Mevlut Akkaya /  KAZ Film Production. Screenplay: Reis Çelik. Photography: Gökhan Tiryaki. Edition: Reis Çelik. Cast: Ilyas Salman, Dilan Aksüt, Mayşeker Yücel, Sabri Tutal, Sercan Demirkaya. Running time: 91 min

LANGUAGE: Turkish / SUBTITLES: Spanish, English

The groom, aged 60, has spent many years of his life in jail and looks a bit old to be getting married. In fact, the wedding has been organised by two powerful rival clans to end the fighting between them, the cause of terrible bloodshed. The bride, her face hidden by a red veil, waits terrified for the groom in the nuptial suite. The sounds of the street stop abruptly when the door closes. Bride and groom are alone. The groom gives his gift to the bride, whose legs hang over the side of the bed, too short to reach the ground. She gradually removes the veil. The face that appears from beneath it is that of a 14 year-old girl.

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