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Herensugeak – Haritzaren bihotza (2012)

Herensugeak – Haritzaren bihotzaRight to a healthy environment

Spain. Direction: Ricardo Ramón, Ángel Izquierdo. Production: Dibulitoon Studio, Milímetros. Screenplay: Antonio Zurera. Photography: Ángel Izquierdo. Edition: Dibulitoon Studio. Music: Emilio Alquezar. Running time: 72 min

Europe’s deepest roots are to be found the Middle Ages, and most of our dreams stem from its myths and legends. This immense source of fantasy has given rise to myriad tales that satisfy our need for escape, while stoking our imagination and taking a deeper look at our cultural tradition. Herensugeak tells a tale with its roots in all peoples of Europe. A magical universe inhabited by dragons, fairies and elves, which has taken shape over the years to form our mythological heritage. A magical world full of beauty and fantasy, affable and loved by children, the audience it was made for.


The Chorus (2004)

Koruko mutilakRight to a values education

France-Switzerland. Direction: Christophe Barratier. Production: Jacques Perrin, Arthur Cohn, Nicolas Mauvernay / Galatée Films, Pathé Renn Production, France 2 Cinéma, Novo Arturo Films, Vega Films. Screenplay: Christophe Barratier. Photography: Carlo Varini, Dominique Gentil. Edition: Yves Deschamps. Music: Bruno Coulais. Actors: Gérard Jugnot, François Berléand, Kad Merad, Jean-Paul Bonnaire, Marie Bunel. Running time: 95 min

In 1949, Clément Mathieu, an unemployed music teacher, takes up his position in a boarding school for difficult boys. The particularly repressive education system meted out by director Rachin is barely able to keep reign on the troublesome inmates. Mathieu feels intimate rebellion against the methods of Rachin and a combination of confusion and compassion for the boys. In his efforts to create closer ties with them, Clément discovers their powerful attraction to music and decides to introduce them to the magic of song, forever transforming their lives.


The Parade (2012)

Parada / The ParadeRights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGTB)

Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia-Macedonia. Direction: Srđjan Dragojević. Production: Biljana Prvanović, Srđjan Dragojević / Delirium Films, Mainframe Production, Sektor Film, Forum Film Ljubljana, Film & Music Entertainment, Film Studio Viba Film, RTV Slovenia, PRVA Srpska Televizija. Screenplay: Srđjan Dragojević. Photography: Dušan Joksimović. Edition: Petar Marković. Music: Igor Perović. Actors: Nikola Kojo, Miloš Samolov, Hristina Popović, Goran Jevtić, Goran Navojec, Toni Mihailovski. Running time: 116 min

Radmilo and Mirko form a young gay couple who would be completely happy anywhere else in the world... except in Serbia. They try to live discreetly, but every day they receive abuse from the homophobic majority. This year, Mirko wants to organise a “gay pride parade”, even if it is pretty much a mission impossible: in 2001 an attempt to do so ended in bloodshed. Today the situation has changed little: nationalist and neo-Nazi organisations threaten to perpetrate another massacre if the parade goes ahead. All seems lost until their chance meeting with Lemon, a local gangster, and his fiancée, Pearl. A war veteran, nationalist and homophobic, expert in martial arts and owner of a security company, Lemon may against all odds turn out to be the last hope for the parade to go ahead.

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