San Telmo Museum / April 23-26
Timetable: 10:00 – 15:00

The Ganora Filmak association brings the seminar, Documentary Film According to Patricio Guzmán, given by the Chilean documentary-maker at the 11th San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival. The event will take place from April 23rd-26th in the San Telmo Museum (Salón de Actos) and will run for 20 hours split into four 5-hour sessions. It will cost €80.

The seminar will focus on the artistic kernel of creating a documentary film. To make his point, the director will use fragments of different works (above all European), along with extracts from some of his own films. The author’s aim will be to illustrate each idea, concept and notion with an image and a sound. In his words, “the seminar is a true immersion, a collective experience that prompts the desire to write, to film, and to take action almost immediately”. The course is for documentary-lovers (professionals and amateurs alike).

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