PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER (Pokazatelnyy protsess: Istoriya Pussy Riot, 2013)

Pussy Riot: Una plegaria punk

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Sunday, 06 April 2014 / 19:00

4,20 € (Tickets)

Thought, art and politics from a feminist slant

Rusia-UK. Direction: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin. Production: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin / Roast Beef Productions. Photography: Antony Butts. Music: Simon Russell. Edition: Esteban Uyarra. Running time: 86 min

LANGUAGE: Russian / SUBTITLES: Spanish

The incredible tale of three young girls (Nadia, Masha and Katia), members of a music group who played a "punk prayer" inside Russia's most important cathedral. Their arrest and subsequent trial was watched all over the world and forever changed Russian society. Following the unexpected twists in the trial, the documentary shows us the real people while witnessing the transformation of political activists into the icons of modernity.

TALK: Arantza Lauzirika (Art and Technology professor – EHU/UPV), Kattalin Miner (journalist and blogger), Ana Useros (film programmer and critic)

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