Jambo amani? (2013)

Jambo amani?

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 / 16:30

4,20 € (Tickets)

SHORT FILM – Screened with the film I AM BREATHING

Basque Country. Direction: Unai Aranzadi. Production: Independent Docs, Unesco Etxea. Photography: Unai Aranzadi. Music: Neosounds, Kanyabayonga Radio, Pond 5. Edition: Unai Aranzadi. Running time: 29 min

LANGUAGE: Swahili, French, English, local languages / SUBTITLES: Spanish

A group of Congolese FDLR militants have decided to give up violence, render their weapons and join the UN reinsertion programme. Happy to leave the conflictive mountains in North Kivu, they board a helicopter bound for the city of Goma.

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