Workshop for the development of documentary projects on social issues

San Telmo Museum

April 1-4

tejedorThe Ganora Filmak association brings us From anticipation to creation – Workshop for the development of documentary projects on social issues, given by the screenwriter and director Oskar Tejedor. The activity will run from 1 to 4 April at the Educational Workshop in the San Telmo Museum.

The aim of the workshop is to help the screenwriters, filmmakers and/or producers of the future to improve and progress with the development of their documentary projects and to teach them how to go about pitching when presenting their ideas to a funding producer and/or agent. During the workshop, the participants will endorse their ideas, work together on their projects and benefit from the perspective of group work to obtain the tools they require to present their proposals.

The workshop will consist of a theoretical part (how a documentary is made and pitching techniques) and another, practical (group analysis of projects and individual work). Although it is intended for all those who have some kind of experience in the audiovisual world and can work on their own projects, it is also open to people who have still not given physical shape to their thirst for documentaries.

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