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Aiete Cultural Park / April 12


The park, the music and the gastronomy are the beginning of this special picnic that will take place in front of the House of Peace and Human Rights.


Lauroba is a group formed at 2004 by brothers Iker and Haritz Lauroba. At 2006 they won the "Pop-Rock Ciudad de San Sebastián" award. At 2008 they published their firt longplay record, Gauari, gauarekin, followed at 2010 by Egunarekin. Iñaki Ortego and Ane Bastida joined the band at 2011. One year later they recorded their (until now) last record, Iglu bat basamortuan. Nowadays Andoni García plays guitar with them.


Howdy es un band formed at the begining of 2012 at Donostia. It's composed by four youg guys from San Sebastián, a Catalonian violinist and a singer from Bilbao. Their versions repertory goes through folk, country, blues... First of all they understand music as a way to get the audience to gets fun, trying to transmit this feeling at every song and every performance. They have played at places like DokaKafeAntzokia, Le Bukowski or at the Mek Festival 2013 (Irun).

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