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Lucius Dumben berebiziko bidaia (2013)

luciusChildren's rights

Spain. Direction: Maite Ruiz de Austri. Production: Iñigo Silva / Extra Producciones Audiovisuales. Screenplay: Juan Velarde. Photography: María Terrazas. Animation direction: Carlos Varela. Music: Pedro Calero. Edition: Mario Pilarte. Running time: 90 min

A group of highly intelligent scientists are trying to discover an instrument that will help turn Planet Earth into a peaceful, happy and bright planet. They are convinced that such an instrument must exist somewhere, so decide to send one of their number off to search for it. They choose Lucius Dumb, a young, shy and kind-natured scientist. On the way, Lucius meets the Teacher and the Commander, two friendly aliens whose spaceship has broken down. They need a very powerful source of positive energy in order to recharge their batteries Lucius and his new friends embark on an extraordinary journey which, in addition to bringing us some wonderful stories, reveals the different qualities of a fabulous instrument, which is easy to play, sounds better the more people that are willing to play it, an instrument that makes both the one who plays it and the listener happy, and that never needs to be tuned because it always sounds great. The instrument is Human Rights, the best instrument of all.


Tormeseko itsumutila (2013)

lazarilloRight to social education versus picaresque

Basque Country. Direction: Juanba Berasategi. Production: Lotura Films. Screenplay: Joxean Muñoz, Mitxel Murua. Animation direction: Imanol Zirkunegi. Music: Antonio Meliveo. Running time: 85 min

Lazaro's life is a combination of "fortunes and adversities"; initially naïvely innocent, he gradually forges a tremendous survival instinct. A run-in with the horn of a stone bull, the ploy used by his blind master to give him a wake-up call, opens his eyes to the cruelty of the world. Lazaro does everything he can to outwit the blind man. And he will live out the stories we are all familiar with: the bunch of grapes, for example, or the one involving the jug of wine. In the end he gets his own back for the bull goring by playing a trick on the blind man who ends up half dead on the ground after crashing into a stone pillar.

Olinpiara bidean (2013)

olinpia webAbility to overcome

Germany. Direction: Niko von Glasow. Production: Ingo Fliess / If... Productions, Palladio Film, Senator Film. Screenplay: Niko von Glasow. Photography: Hajo Schomerus. Edition: Mechthild Barth, Bernhard Reddig. Running time: 85 min

Film director Niko von Glasow states himself to be against sport and affirms that he considers the Paralympic Games to be a complete incongruity; he doesn't understand how someone can set themselves this kind of goal when the everyday existence of people with functional diversity is often a challenge more than sufficient in itself. Armed with these prejudices, Von Glasow delves into the lives of four athletes and a volleyball team, participants in the London 2012 Paralympic Games. With them, he discusses sport, but also life and fears.

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