Child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is one of the forms of sexual violence kept under greatest wraps by our society. On the other hand, numerous studies reveal just how often it occurs, given that between 15 and 20% of the population suffers continued sexual aggression in this particularly vulnerable period. It generally takes place in the family environment, in the privacy of an apparently normal home, where the aggressor is the father, an uncle, a cousin, a grandfather...

Abusing a person means destroying a world, breaking a body, imposing deep and lasting pain; and to an even greater extent in a developing person. Sex crimes are committed in the belief that the victim will say nothing because they will feel embarrassed or guilty, or fear that they won't be believed or will be questioned. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the abuse live peacefully because they feel immune.

Denunciation by the people who suffer abuse and believing them in order to join forces and build support networks is the first step to breaking the silence and removing the impunity of the aggressors. Different spaces are available in institutions, associations, citizens' groups and feminist blogs to accompany empowerment and recovery from aggressions.

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