Patriarchy, gender roles and identity

Patriarchy is a system of sexual domination, present not only in today's society but in untold civilisations throughout history. It has proven itself to be adroit at adapting to any economic, political and cultural system. Patriarchy takes its support from privileges exclusively reserved for the male species that cross-cut all aspects of the public life of men and women, from the working, economic, sexual, reproductive and psychological spheres, among others. Likewise, patriarchy establishes inter-generational relations based on unequal balance, with strong male domination over childhood and youth.

In the 70s, groups of feminist women tagged with the label of "radical" identified as the hotbeds of patriarchal domination areas of life considered until then to be "private". They have the merit of having caused a revolution in political theory by analysing the relations of power that structure the family and sexuality. They summed it up in a slogan: the personal is political. What happens in private, in this case, circumscribed to the family, has a political and social character.

This patriarchal system has striven to meddle so strongly in private and intimate areas that it often goes as far as to deny the right to sexual and gender identity and impose the gender role.

Film: El Bumbún

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