Surviving in the occupied Palestinian territories

The failure to respect international humanitarian law, the serious and systematic nature of the human rights infringements meted out by Israel in the Palestine territories, occupied since 1967, are an example of its impunity and the international community´s lack of political will to end the abuse and suffering imposed upon the Palestinian people, according to reports by the UN Special Rapporteur.

This figure therefore appeals to the International Court of Justice to label as "ethnic cleansing" the continuous actions implemented by Israel in its own particular "apartheid": the repeated construction of illegal settlements, prolongation of the separation barrier, blockage of basic food required to survive, murders, torture, discrimination, manipulation of residence credentials, expropriation and expulsions from East Jerusalem.

The free determination of the Palestine people constitutes an essential right, the guarantee to which is invalidated by the self-same Israeli occupation.

Despite the prolonged aggressions, the Palestinian population remains determined to change its own future and to continue with its own life projects and dreams of love, freedom, dignity and justice.

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