Online video games: double-edged tools

Asia is becoming the biggest catalyst of economic growth in video games for mobile phones and online games. The video game industry reaps in millions as criticism rains on it for the use of violent, manipulative and sexist content. Through games we learn and acquire countless behavioural patterns and values that are reproduced in our everyday lives and relations.

Today Internet offers the perfect platform for disseminating ideological messages in video game format. For example, the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund has the objective to develop games that encourage free market capitalism among the population of emerging countries.

Myriad research into video games reveals contradictory results. There is more scientific agreement as regards their negative effect on behaviour, with the transmission of competitive, individualistic, aggressive and sexist values. However, it is also true that this largely depends on their contents, since other video games may constitute a useful educational and therapeutic tool for fostering solidarity, cooperation and a critical spirit.

Film: Web Junkie

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