Facts and contradictions of the Iraq War

From the moment it started in March 2003, until its end in December 2011, the Iraq War took some 650,000 lives and exiled 1,800,000 people. The US invasion was a response to the supposed threat of Iraq to its citizens and the whole world, due to the claim that they had "weapons of mass destruction". The existence of this arsenal had not been demonstrated when the war began, and it never was. But it was used as an excuse for the president of the time, George W. Bush, to order the Iraq invasion.

The North American Government has always denied that its interest lay in precisely gaining control of the rich Iraq oil reservoirs. However, the publication in 2013 of various confidential documents from the Pentagon on the question of oil in Iraq reveals evidence that confirms these suspicions. When Bush took over the US Government in 2001 there was imbalance between supply and demand for petrol worldwide, a factor that increased with the growth of developing countries. The focus of this tension lay with the countries that stockpile their reserves, and the US decided to invade Iraq with the backing of Governments including those of Tony Blair and Aznar, among others.

What is an obvious fact and a massacre for Iraq's population is little more than an unavoidable collateral damage for the Pentagon.

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