Autonomy, care and functional diversity

The body, in addition to the physical component, with all of its potentialities and limitations, has a culturally produced component. It establishes what is and what is not normal, what is health and what is disease. However, fortunately these constructions can be modified.

The social movements and struggles related to functional diversity strive to modify the imposed categorical discourse. Breaking away from the labels of "dependent" and "handicapped" has been their first milestone. In addition, they have converted diversity into a value to be politically asserted in order to demand the conditions that permit all people to develop their life project. They denounce the fact that the self-named "welfare societies" are still incapable of welcoming differences and hinder autonomy, given their organisation based on self-sufficiency and productivity. On the other hand, they demand recognition of the interdependence inherent to all people, given that any person's life has periods of dependence: childhood, disease, old age, etc. Care and mutual help are essential for all people to be able to develop as a person. And everybody, including those with functional diversity, should enjoy guaranteed respect for the way they want to be cared for.

Film: Gabrielle

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