Cultural Centers cycle

Hannah Arendt (2012)


AIETE C. C. / APRIL 4 / 19:00

Germany-Luxembourg-France. Direction: Margarethe von Trotta. Running time: 113 min

Hannah Arendt, philosopher, theorist and journalist, Jewish and exiled in the United States, is sent to Jerusalem by The New Yorker to cover the trial of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, who is tried and condemned to death. For four years she worked, marked by controversy, to write a book entitled A Report on the Banality of Evil, which caused instant international scandal.


Balta Txuria, Balta Bedea. Urumearen zurrumurrua (2013)

baltaSOS Racismo

EGIA C. C. / APRIL 7 / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Anaitze Agirre, Enekoitz Andonegi. Running time: 60 min

In May 2012, the Astigarraga Town Council, helped by the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, and for the first time in the province, recognised the gypsy and Roma camp existing in the municipality, and allowed its occupants to officially register with the town council. This marks the beginning of a 5-year plan of integration for those who live in the camp.


Le capital (2012)


LUGARITZ C. C. / APRIL 9 / 19:00

France. Direction: Costa-Gavras. Running time: 114 min

This is the story of the brutal ascent of Marc Tourneuil, expendable servant of the Capital who becomes its undisputed lord and master. In the director's words: "We are slaves to the Capital. We tremble when it trembles. We celebrate when it grows and triumphs. Who will set us free? Should we liberate ourselves? We should at the very least know those who serve it and how".


Umeen zoriona (2012)



Basque Country. Direction: Charlee, Emi. Running time: 23 min

Life for Buthaina, like thousands of other Palestinian women, has been marked by the Israeli military occupation. She has endured their abuse from a young age, but has tackled life head-on to raise her family single-handed. Now aged 60, she struggles to prevent her children from suffering the same fate.


Emakume palestinarrak: landutako paisaia zizelkatzen (2012)



Basque Country. Direction: Sarkis E. Somar, Ana Sagaseta. Running time: 23 min

Filmed in Hebron, Bethlehem and East Jerusalem, this documentary shows two examples of resistance by Palestinian women to Israeli occupation: one is a member of the Wadi Hilwen Information Center Silwan; the other two belong to the crafts cooperative, Women in Hebron.


Arrasate 1936: emakumea, gerra eta errepresioa (2013)

arrasateIntxorta 1936

CASARES C. C. / APRIL 15 / 19:00

Basque Country. Production: Dragoi Produkzioak. Running time: 76 min

A tale told by the voices of the women who lived the dream of a fairer future under the Second Republic, only to go on to personally bear and suffer the horror of the long night of war and dictatorship. Their experiences tell us about their struggle and show us that part of what we are today is due to their bravery and their strength.


Larre motzean (2013)

larreHaurralde Fundazioa

ERNEST LLUCH C. C. / APRIL 16 / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Patricia Ponce. Running time: 25 min

This documentary introduces us to Justina, Evarista, Aurelia and Ana, women whom, like so many others, all equally invisible, have managed the family life and finances in the Basque farmhouses, or baserriak. "When a woman takes out her purse –not her father's, not her husband's– 500 years of oppression crumble away".


Aulki hutsak (2013)

aulkiOKENDO C. C. / APRIL 29 / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Iñaki Peña. Running time: 51 min

Documentary on death and mourning that addresses a subject still taboo today: what happens when a loved-one dies? The film reflects on the myriad questions brought about by pain (mourning) after death based on the testimonies of experts and people who humanise the experience suffered following the loss of a family member.



Ixil emakumeak (2010)

ixilMugen Gainetik


Basque Country. Direction: Roberto Kofman. Running time: 37 min

Documentary on the progress made by Ixil women and about the projects launched in the struggle for their rights. It also analyses human rights movements in today's Guatemala.

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