European Zinema on the Move

Sixth stop: San Sebastian

Cartel de Cine Europeo en Ruta

European Cinema on the Move is an initiative of the European Parliament Office and the European Commission Representation in Spain born with the firm intention to promote the best of European cinema and prompt meeting spaces in which to discuss the present and future of the European Union.

In its second edition, Cine Europeo en Ruta travelled from October 2013 to Tudela, Alcalá de Henares, Zaragoza, Gijón and Córdoba, taking some of the most interesting European films of the last year to major film festivals in each of the participating cities and holding debates with the locals on subjects such as interculturality, gender equality, freedom of expression and European culture.

In the frame of the San Sebastian Human Rights Festival, Cine Europeo en Ruta brings its second tour to an end with a discussion on the right of minorities and a cycle of three European films.

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