Empowerment and sex trade

There is a long and heated debate as to whether dedication to the sex trade and/or work can be a choice or profession that must be regulated or whether, on the contrary, it must be eradicated and those who practice it persecuted since, in the majority, those who do this work are women forced to offer sex in exchange for money due to a lack of economic resources or as the victims of human trafficking.

Over and above this controversy, the empowerment of women, particularly the most vulnerable and those with fewer opportunities, is also essential in this area where exploitation and insecurity lead to the marginalisation and even death of thousands of these women all over the world.

There are therefore associations that work to prevent, help and support, to integrate and empower the men and women who voluntarily or forcibly work at what is commonly known as prostitution.

Information, the development of personal capacities and self-esteem are basic for those who can choose or reject this channel and, where possible, tackle the stigmatisation they suffer in society.

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